Tuesday, July 19, 2011

North Bennington Art Park

This past weekend Glenn and I had the pleasure of visiting the North Bennington Art Park, a wonderful event organized by our dear friend Fred X Brownstein. Glenn was asked to perform a bronze demonstration where he cast trilobites to benefit the Norshaft Little League. Nothing like a little molten bronze to add a bit of heat to the day!

The Mobile Foundry
Heating the "tree 'o trilobites" shell

Hoisting up the melted bronze

And now to pour

After filling the shell the the leftover is poured into an ingot

Final blast of fire as the crucible is returned to the furnace

Cooling off the metal

After breaking off the shell -Voila!

The crowd is impressed! Let's see if the'll want to purchase trilobites for the local Little League.

Final question and answer time. Good crowd - fun time!
If you would like to know more about the North Bennington Art Park, see the list of artist's who showed and see how much we raised for the Little League click here.

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